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It's a warm day in June 2014 and we're sitting in our newly occupied startup office in our home village of Dingden.

At that time, we had no idea that our indoor children's slide, which had just been launched on the market, would suddenly start to conquer the children's rooms of this world.

What happened? From one "click" to the next, our little company suddenly became the purveyor to the British royal family. Prince George's nanny ordered a Jupiduu slide online to celebrate his 1st birthday, as media around the globe abruptly reported on all channels.

Since that day, nothing has been the same. TV crews besieged our office and we received orders by the minute. Germany, Europe, Australia - everyone suddenly wanted this slide.

Kai in an interview with the Nachtjournal:

Kai-von-Jupiduu-auf-RTLand Ken answers questions on "Point 12".


And today?

...we still send the timelessly beautiful slides all over the world to bring movement and fun into every child's room.

We regularly receive unexpected and, above all, unpaid support from various internet celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, the owner of one of the largest Instagram accounts with over 190 million followers.

So it really is fair to say that this is by far the most famous children's slide on the planet. And as it happens when you're famous and in the spotlight - You always have to know how to convince. Translated for Jupiduu this means:

  • Premium product quality thanks to innovative manufacturing
  • Absolute safety thanks to strict quality controls
  • Unique design down to the smallest detail
  • Fair conditions for all those involved in production, thanks to manufacturing in Germany.

Convince yourself of the little star among the wooden slides. The whole Jupiduu team would be very happy to welcome you as a customer and to convince you of our product and service!