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1) How long does the delivery take?

In free standard shipping, delivery within Germany takes 3 to 4 business days. Outside Germany, the delivery time in the free standard shipping is 4 to 5 working days.

If you would like to receive the slide more quickly, we recommend that you upgrade to express shipping* for a small fee of 9.90€. The delivery time within Germany is then 1 to 5 working days. Then the delivery time within Germany is 1 to a maximum of 2 days. For shipments outside Germany, the express fee is 19.90€. The delivery time here is then 2 days**.

95 % of the national express shipments are delivered within only 1 working day.

** 95 % of the international express shipments are delivered within only 2 days.

2) What time do I have to order for the slide to be shipped the same day?

All orders received by 11am will be shipped the same day.

3) When will I know that my goods have been dispatched?

Firstly, once we have received your order you will receive an email from us confirming your order. This means that your order has been successfully received and is being processed. As soon as the goods have left our warehouse, you will receive another email with the shipment details and the tracking link, which you can use to track the shipment. Once the link is activated, you will also be given an estimated delivery date.

4) What if I am not home on the estimated delivery date?

No problem. Shortly after the shipment, you will receive an email from our shipping provider with the estimated delivery date. If you are not home on that day, you can change the delivery online. To do this, please click on the link in the dispatch e-mail and then, after entering your dispatch code, simply select your preferred date. If the driver does not find you, he will leave a note in your letterbox and deliver the parcel again the next day. A total of three delivery attempts will be made.

5) What do I do if I need my order on an urgent date?

If you need an order promptly and urgently, please select the express shipping option in checkout. In particularly urgent cases, please also inform us by email to info@jupiduu.com.

6) What are the shipping costs for my order?

Standard shipping within Germany is free of charge. If you want an even faster delivery, please choose the express shipping. The surcharge is 9.90€ for national shipments and 19.90€ for international shipments outside Germany.

7) To which countries can we deliver?

We can deliver to almost every country in the world! If your desired shipping country should not be selectable, please contact us.

8) How is the slide packed and how big is the box?



1) Is my data secure?

Yes, your data is in safe hands with us and will be handled in accordance with the European Data Protection Act and encrypted using an SSL certificate. You can find all information about data security in our privacy policy. (LINK)

2) What should be observed when using the slide?

Here we summarize the most important safety instructions for you:

  • Please never leave your child unsupervised when using the slide and always provide adequate assistance.
  • Make sure that the children's slide is only used by one child at a time.
  • Please ensure that the surface on which the slide is placed is level and firm.

Please follow the further instructions in the assembly instructions for a safe slide at all times.

3) Which lacquers and materials are used in the production?

We use only certified, saliva-proof varnishes and wood materials for all products, which comply with the applicable standards and regulations for toy safety. The European standard EN-71 is decisive for the toy safety of materials and construction.


1) What does Jupiduu do for climate protection?

We plant trees to permanently bind CO2 from the atmosphere. One tree per sold slide for the future of our children. Even without buying a slide you can support the "One Tree Planted" project here. Join in and "tree up" together with us!

2) Can the outer carton of the slide be recycled?

Yes, absolutely. The outer carton of the slide is already made of 100% recycled cardboard and can easily be returned to the cycle via the paper bin.

3) Which social institutions are supported by Jupiduu?

May we introduce? This is David, our sponsored child from the Republic of Bénin, a small state in West Africa. There he lives in an SOS Children's Village, which we have been able to support for many years. If you also want to help, we can recommend these projects to you from good experience. Every donation, no matter how small, helps!




4) Where and under which conditions are the indoor slides manufactured?

Unlike various other manufacturers, we have the wooden slides produced exclusively in Germany and the European Union. This is the only way we can guarantee the highest product quality and fair conditions for everyone involved in the production process. This also results in extremely short transport routes. Nothing has to be shipped halfway around the world!


1) Can I assemble the slide by myself?

The Jupiduu slide is quick and easy to assemble. We recommend that two people assemble the slide. This is quicker and more sociable. But of course you can also assemble it alone. All assembly steps can be found in the enclosed instructions.

2) Which tools do I need for the assembly?

For the professional assembly you only need a slotted screwdriver and a small hammer.

3) How long does the assembly take?

From unpacking to the finished assembly, it takes no more than 30 minutes until the fun for the kids can begin.

4) Who can I contact if I have a problem with the assembly?

A matter for the boss! Contact us directly at ken@jupiduu.com or kai@jupiduu.com.
You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 2852 - 70 300 73!


1) What age and weight is the Jupiduu children's slide designed for?

The slide is ideally suited for children from 1.5 to 4 years of age and is designed accordingly for the weight loads. But of course the smaller adventurers can also slide with mum and dad's support.

As a manufacturer, we are obliged to state a maximum load. This is 50 kg. To put this into perspective: a 4 year old child weighs approx. 20 kg.

2) Can I put the slide outside?

No, please do not put the slide outside. It is designed exclusively for the living room and feels most comfortable there.

3) How should my child be dressed when playing?

Please make sure that your child does not wear pants with rivets or buttons, as these could cause scratches on the paint. In addition, it is best to only let the kids slide without shoes.

4) What is the best way to clean the slide?

You can easily wipe our products with a slightly damp cloth. Please do not use cloths with a rough surface or cleaning agents that contain solvents or are aggressive or abrasive.